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Post  DK on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:16 am

-Brief description (fic writer? Artist? Video maker?): Fic writer, jewelry maker, beginning banner artis.

-Some wrestlers you enjoy playing: Matt Hardy, Kane, Kevin Thorn, Big Show Vampire versions of Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy and Kane, Davey Boy Smith, Drew McIntyre

-Some divas/knockouts/women's wrestlers: Miss Elizabeth, Sable

-Het, slash, femslash? Which do you enjoy? Which do you not enjoy?: I enjoy all of them not done much femslash but always willing to try new things.

-Favorite topics (humor, angst, drama, au) I prefer humor and romance, but I'm open to anything really.

-Smut?: Depends on the pairing.

-Some of your favorite pairings: Matt H/Jericho, Matt H/Triple H, Kane/Shawn, Kane/E. Bischoff, Kane/Taker, Kevin Thorn/anyone, Davey Boy/Bret, Jerishow, Kane/Show, Kane/Triple H, Drew/Heath

-Some pairings you're interested in: I'm the type of rper that will try anything, if you want to try something off the wall hit me up and I'll do my best to please.

Rules of teh DK:

-I don't like uber short posts. I know that some times you can't help it, but try to think of anything you can add, scenery, internal inflection of the character. Something, it's hard to do quality rp when you don't give me anyting to go on but a sentence.

-I can do angst, in fact with Kane there is always some angst in there somewhere, but with that being said I don't want every thread to be that way. I like having fun too.

-Smut. And I can't stress this enough, I write a lot of it, I like to think I'm profiecent in it, but that DOES NOT mean I want to always include it in a thread. I do like calm threads where there is nothing but two friends enjoying a drink after a hard day in the gym.

-And lastly, I work third shift and will getting a second job here soon, so if I don't post right away please don't prod. Not only do i work but I have a 3 yr old son to care for. Sometimes there aren't just enough hours in my day to accomodate everyone.

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