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Post  Goddess Nefatiri on Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:29 pm

Character name: Marcus Damien Michaels-Taker

Character age: 17 (But will play him as a college student if threading with an adult)

Character sexuality: Er...He's probably bisexual with a preference for males he can control

Face, heel, or anti-hero (neither face or heel): He generally plays the role of all three depending on the situation (Seto Kaiba junior)

Character personality: Dark, moody, contemplative, aloof at times, tempermental

Character strengths (name 3): Genius (well smart), loyal, reliable (if he likes you)

Character flaws (name 5): Bad attitude, arrogant, no filter, a bully, quick tempered, and has a god complex

Character's connection to wrestling: His mother is Shawn Michaels and he often thinks about wrestling when not contemplating life or world domination with his father, the Undertaker

Character's personal goals: Enslave all of mankind and if that doesn't work, he'll settle for his parents being more lovey dovey. Sometimes he's too ambitious so his goals often change.

Why you think this character ISN'T a Mary Sue/Gary Stu (be specific): Marcus has too many flaws to be a Mary Sue. He isn't perfect at all. He just thinks he is. in a physical fight, unless he uses magic, then he fails...epically. He's never been kissed. Never had sex. So if he were to say he's a perfectionist in bed well...yeah. That would be a lie.

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Post  Admin on Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:41 pm


Make sure to leave his profile up so people can read about him Smile


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