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Post  Jeri on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:21 am

Character name: Jackie Michael Hart

Character age: 17 (May also appear as baby Jackie)

Character sexuality: Bisexual

Face, heel, or anti-hero (neither face or heel): Any, it just depends.

Character personality: Jackie is normally outgoing, energetic, full of life, fun, and flirtatious energy. He has big dreams, a big personality, and a big heart when he remembers to show it. He is normally confident, sometimes to the point of being arrogant, and he can often fall into the category 'tool'. He has had some rough patches but he's generally a good kid. He keeps his life busy, and pushes himself hard. He wants to be great and wont stop for less, no matter what roadblocks or potholes he has to hit along the way. He doesn't realize how much strength he really has, and often doesn't feel it when he needs it the most. He relies on his family and friends for advice and he to draw strength from. He loves them all very much and can't wait to make them proud of him.

Character strengths (name 3): Persistence, dedication, passion.

Character flaws (name 5): Big mouth, arrogance that must be kept in check (and has recently been put in its place), being a tool, letting his fear get the best of him, not knowing his limit (pushing himself too hard...it can be a strength or weakness to him), has a knack of getting himself into trouble, even if he tries to avoid it.

Character's connection to wrestling: His mother is Bret Hart, his mother is Shawn Michaels.

Character's personal goals: To work his way through the wrestling business, learn all that he can in the business, be the best he can be in the business, one day wrestle for WWE, carry the gold, and headline Mania.

Why you think this character ISN'T a Mary Sue/Gary Stu (be specific): Mary Sue's are perfect. Everything goes there way, there are no bumps in their roads, there is no failure, no personal growth (because they're already perfect), they have the perfect story, life, family, friends, etc. Jackie may pretend to think he's perfect, but he knows he isn't. He knows he has a lot of hard work to do to realize his dream, and does not expect it to just fall into his lap. Just because he has wrestling parents, does not automatically make him a perfect wrestler, or by far a perfect person. These are not things that he automatically has built into his personality, but things he must learn and improve upon through his experiences, life lessons, and the guidance of others.


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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:43 pm


Leave Jackie's profile up so others can read it if they're curious.


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