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Post  MyBizTheMiz on Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:50 pm

Idea: I would like to do an idea centering around the Miz and Alex's Riley's break up. It would begin with them already being in a relationship, and breaking it off after the Miz fired Alex and the feud began. During the course of this idea, I would like for them to get back together at some point.

Characters: Of course I would like to play the Miz but I am open to play as Riley, plus if you would like to use multiple characters in this that is fine, like John Cena or maybe Roddy Piper, both of them have had something to do with these two feuding lately.

Required: I require paragraph post, not one sentence posting. I don't feel I really need to say this on this site considering all of the vets are extremely talented writers and always give you enough to work with but just in case Wink Smut is not required, but I would enjoy it, either way.

Setting: The thread would begin the night the two broke up, or in other words, the Miz fired Alex, and that resulted in Alex lashing out at him.

Type of Thread: This would really be a romance thread, possibly a bit of comedy and a tad of angst considering they broke up. But mainly romance and drama.

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