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Post  slashburd on Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:28 pm

-Brief description (fic writer? Artist? Video maker?): I write fics, make icons and banners, have made videos but its not my speciality.

-Some wrestlers you enjoy playing: Most prolifically I suppose Triple H and Kevin Nash. I've been a few others regularly including Eric Young (don't ask) but I can turn my hand to most folks with a character to speak of.

-Some divas/knockouts/women's wrestlers: Have never been any, I'm not a big fan of Diva's wrestling. Have written very light femslashiness once. Definitely not averse to it, just never had much cause to dabble in it.

-Het, slash, femslash? Which do you enjoy? Which do you not enjoy?: I'm mainly a M/M slash writer but I'll do all three if you want. I have an openmindedness on tap!

-Favorite topics (humor, angst, drama, au): Again, I'll roll with the punches on the whole. I've done sugary fluff to the deepest angst that brought me to tears. Anything is game except graphic rape/abuse and AU. Other than that we can make it work.

-Smut?: In the right context I love it. Doesn't feature in all my writing but I'm happy to RP as down and dirty as you like. Also heavily into BDSM writing and kinks Wink

-Some of your favorite pairings: Shawter, Centon and HHH/Matt Hardy would have to be the key ones. I do love all combinations of the Brits in TNA (including Des Wolfe) and Jeff Jarrett/Kevin Nash. My favourite pairing that's uber niche is Shane McMahon/John Cena - don't judge me lol

I'm well known for doing all kinds of pairings so if I can locate a plot bunny and the characters are achieveable then I probably ship it Smile

-Some pairings you're interested in: Miz/Riley, Heath/Justin, Wade/Cena but pretty much anything that flicks my switches.

Some key points:

I'm in the UK. I do keep odd hours but am less of a nightowl than I once was thanks to being ill as hell in the last year. I'm online every day, usually even when I'm holiday so I'll do my best to be prompt at replying.

I don't do OC's and AU. Not with anyone so basically you'd be wasting your time on me with that.

I'm not into the MPreg and the sprawling kids that some RP characters have. I'm a thoroughly canon writer, reader and RPer so if you mention Randy's daughter that's fine. If you invent one that HHH impregnated him with, I'm really not down with that Very Happy

If we RP any kind of sex/smut etc please don't get offended if I eyeroll at the phrases 'So close' or 'Move' - if you're RPing sex but have no experience of it, go do the research on the appropriate websites. People rarely say that stuff and certainly not as often as slashers would have you believe.

That's about it for now I think. Anything else you want to know, just ask!!


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