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The Law (rules of the board)  Empty The Law (rules of the board)

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:01 pm

This board is an RP board. You come here to play a wrestling personality.

You do not need to make multiple accounts to play a certain character. As a matter of fact, do not do this. Make only ONE account. You can play whom ever you want, even if someone else is playing as that person.

**Exception: You can not play an OC until you have received permission from me, the ADMIN.

All OCs MUST have some connection to wrestling. If there is NO connection to a wrestler you will be DENIED right off the bat.

We are a group that strives for quality, not quantity. That being said, we are paragraph players. One liners will NOT be tolerated. We like detail, we like decent grammar, and we love good characterization. If you can not comply, then please don't come here. We realize that not everyone is at the same skill level, but you must at least try to put out a basic effort to match what we do.

Be respectful of others.


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