Pourquoi es-tu si belle (for Mikey)

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Pourquoi es-tu si belle (for Mikey) Empty Pourquoi es-tu si belle (for Mikey)

Post  Thorsmaven on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:15 am

Ric Flair, the dazzling up and comer, stood up against the turnbuckle surveying his competition. At stake was the contract of a lovely young woman- a manager- something he needed. A young guy like himself in a huge talent pool needed any leg up that he could get. A beautiful woman on his arm was a great way to stick out from all the other guys in the back.

He looked at the other men in the ring with him, trying to size up his first move. He was the most talented man in the ring by far, coming from years on the indy circuit. The others had no idea what they were in for.

And just like that, the match was over. Ric stood above his opponent who was the last to tap out to his punishing figure four. He ran his hands through his long platinum hair with a grin as the ref raised his hand. He pulled it away. "Like I wasn't gonna win." He said arrogantly and strutted his way out of the ring and toward the woman whose services he had just won.


Maryse Ouellet was not impressed in the slightest, she didn't even stand up for him, she stayed seated, her legs crossed and a look on her face that clearly expressed the fact that in her eyes, she was way to good for any man in the place.

"So, you are the man who has won my services ehh?" She seemed disgusted with him, she liked a real man, not someone who looked just as much like as a girl as she did.


"MMmmhmmmmm." Ric crossed his arms across his chest. Seems like his new valet didn't seem to care for him, despite owning all the men in the ring easily enough with his talent. "Ya'll don't seem too impressed, frog legs. Welllll.... too bad, so sad huh?" He smirked a little. "But listen- Ya'll may not like me but whatever. We gotta do this, an' do it together. I need a manager. I need the heat. You need the exposure and the link to future greatness. An' seein' as how I just decimated all the chump change back there in the ring, I'm that link. ...Unless ya want to be saddled up with a loser. Then- by all means. There's three others to pick from. But judgin' by your fine self, I don't think a girl like you wants to be hooked up to a sinkin' stone."


"Now, you listen to me you frilly frolicking pink power ranger. You do not speak to me like that and you are lucky to be speaking to me at all. I am way above you and what you did was not so great, I have seen much better. All you did was take care of some armature's." Maryse stood up, scowl firmly in place. "But you are indeed correct that im stuck with you so sign the contract and get out of my face." She had just seeming butchered the English language and she knew that but at the time she really didn't care.


"Oooohhhh right. I need to sign this right? Then you can come to work with me and get paid to do your job!" Ric said in a mock tone of surprise. "Or... I could not sign this. Then you wouldn't be able to do your job, right? Oh gee. What to do. Sign the contract so I can work with my French manager who has been nothing but a grade a chienne to me, or do I go to... oh... let's say that guy." He pointed to Brodus Clay. "An' give him YOUR contract instead? Seein' as how us Pink Power Rangers ain't your type- I shouldn't torture you none. That wouldn't be gentlemanly now would it? Wonder how much a gentleman Mr. Clay is over there." He tapped his chin in mock thought.


Maryse blood ran cold, her eyes widening as she caught a glimpse of Brodus Clay. "Alrigh' I get your point. Sign the contract....please." Her face was controlled in a scowl, her hands on her hips and her bright pink lip stick stained lips were pursed. Either way, anything but Big Brodus Clay would be great. The man was disgusting and even though she couldn't really like a guy so...frilly, he sure beat such a brute.
Plus he was a true smart ass, she found that amusing if it would have been someone besides herself he was being smart too.


"Naturellement mon cher." Ric pulled out a gold pen from his gym bag and signed the papers. He gave Maryse her copy and put his in the bag. "Even I'm not that cruel." He raised a platinum eyebrow. "Now look. I think we got ourselves off on a wrong foot. I think we can own everyone a these two bit, talentless, green as grass boys back here which would look damn fine to me, an' elevate ya'll to a place no other manager has ever been before- that is, if we're both on the same page." He grabbed up his big pink robe.

"We should get drinks." He nodded slowly. "An' have other people pay for im'."


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Pourquoi es-tu si belle (for Mikey) Empty Re: Pourquoi es-tu si belle (for Mikey)

Post  MyBizTheMiz on Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:58 pm

The women simply blinked at him, the scowl on her face returning full force.
She had thought her speech was bad, at least she could say she was from Canada and raised to speak French, being the reason as to why she butchered the English language, this man had no excuse.
"If you want a drink on someone else...."
She took her paper, folding it up and slipping it into her bright pink pocket book she carried that matched her tight hot pink and midnight black dress to a T.
"Im sure I can talk to one of these loser into buying them."
She did not really like this man....
But they always said, keep your friends close, your enemies closer...

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