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Post  MyBizTheMiz on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:17 am

"This is the worst idea I've ever had," Heath mutters under his breath, keeping his head down. He's wearing nondescript jeans and a simple black T-shirt; ;the kind of outfit nobody would ever remember; and his distinctive hair is tied back in a ponytail, hidden under a baseball cap.

He steps into the elevator, sighing hugely and slumping against the wall. To be fair... this wasn't his idea at all.

The Rookies had been warned not to associate with Pros other than their own, to avoid swaying the vote. And to be fair, Heath had totally planned on doing that. He had no intention of running into Jericho at the bar and getting into a shot-drinking contest with him. He had no intention of winding up in the man's room, making out, getting naked and groped to within an inch of his life. He had not planned on having the best sex he'd ever experienced.

And he had definitely not planned for Jericho to slip him his hotel key card this afternoon during a training session. No, he hadn't planned on this at all.

"I must be out of my damn mind," Heath mutters. Hell, he's convinced that this is a set up, that Jericho is going to have a camera crew or Barrett waiting there to kick his ass off the show.

"I am a fucking moron," Heath mutters. "It'd serve my stupid ass right to get booted from the show for meeting him. I am such a fucking dumbass." That doesn't stop Heath from swiping the key through the door of Jericho's room and stepping through, wincing as though he expects to be struck.


Chris didn't give a fuck about the rules, but he did listen and he did make sure Wade knew better than to fuck with any other pro than him. The thing with Heath was that he didn't really care what happened to him, Heath was not his to worry about and the man was an awesome fuck.

Chris was laying on his bed, dressed in a large t-shirt and a pair of silk boxers, slipping through a magazine. He let his eyes lift from his ready to see Heath. If anything, he could get a nice piece of ass out of this and maybe knock someone out and make Wade more liable to win.

"Evening Heath." He gave a charming smile, sitting up and looking the younger man over. "Looks like your a little shy about being caught huh?" Chris was a fun guy but he didn't play in the business, you couldn't play in this business because if you did, somehow, someway, it will bite you in the ass.


He glances around quickly, makes sure there's no one there, then shuts the door more fully behind him. Once he's satisfied they're alone, he straightens somewhat, shaking his hair out from under the hat. "Of course I'm nervous," he snaps, even as he nudges his shoes off. "I've got everything to lose and you've got everything to gain." Heath isn't a stupid man; he knows the risk he's taking.

But he can also remember the chemistry they'd had the other night; he'll never forget how Jericho seemed to know instinctively how to make scream. He'll always remember how Chris tasted, the way he hissed or moaned. Heath has had some pretty good sex in his life, but he has NEVER felt anything like he did with Chris and he knows damn sure Jericho hasn't either.

And in the end, that's why he's here: those memories and the desire for more. He pulls his shirt over his head, freeing his hair from the ponytail. Heath all but pounces Jericho, crawling into his lap, kissing him ravenously, his hips grinding against Chris'.


Chris smirked into the steamy kiss. Most men his age would be worried they had lost something but not him, considering he had such a young stallion like Heath Slater in his lap, risking EVERYTHING to get in these little nights of passion. Was Chris Jericho worried about getting old and forgotten? Did the Miz worry about being awesome? HELL NO!! The only one who should worry is Slater because Chris Jericho does not play fair, and he does not give a damn about Slater's future.

Chris's arms wrapped around Heath's waist, pressing him closer as their lips molded together in a passionate kiss. Too bad Chris wasn't in this for the great kissing. No Chris was in for the sex. He threw Heath down onto the bed, rolling on top of him and pinning his arms over his head.

Chris wasn't one to throw around complements but Heath sure looked good under him, the way his flaming red hair fell into his face, the look of excitement that came from doing something you knew damn well you shouldn't be doing, Slater looked delicious and Chris planned on eating him up.

The older man trailed kisses up Heath's jaw line, stopping rhythmically to suck and nibble at the pale skin, leaving behind nice red hickies on the near perfect porcelain skin.


Heath shudders and groans, arching up against him sharply, hissing every so often as a few of the nips get a little rough for his liking. He knows he could break the grip if he really wanted to, but at this moment, he's not inclined. Deep down inside, he kind of likes it. He'd never admit it to anyone, especially not Chris Jericho, but the feel of being pinned down, feeling just that little bit helpless, was more of a turn on than Heath had ever expected.

He throws his head back and to the side, encouraging more of the blonde's mouth on his skin. He can feel Jericho's thick length pressed against his thigh and he shudders in anticipation.

Still, Heath Slater has never been a pillow princess; he can and will participate as much as possible. He turns back to Chris, surging forward and catching him off guard somewhat. He nips at Jericho's bottom lip, then settles back with a smirk, making sure Jericho knew damn well that Heath knew he got one over on him.


Chris rolled his eyes at Heath. "Cocky fucker aren't you Heath?" He gave no room for response, his lips once again molding with that of the younger man, his hands traveling up the red heads shirt. Chris's fingers stopped at the erect nipples. He took one between his fingers, rolling it around and smirking into their heated lip lock.

Chris loved teasing and many of his lovers would argue he was the very best at it. And maybe that's where he got his little saying from. He was the best at what he did? But what all did he do? He played music, teased, made Heath hot, made alot of people horny, and he pissed the other people off. Yes, Chris really was the best at what he did.

While one of his hands tweaked Heath's nipples the other ran through the long flaming red hair. He was fascinated with it. He loved the feel of it while it ran through his fingers. He even liked the color and Chris was always quick to say he did not like red heads very much at all.

There was just something about Heath...


Heath arches up against Chris, shuddering. He's torn between pain and pleasure, the rough touches to his chest and the gentle caressing of his hair. He suddenly realizes his hands were free. Heath had completely forgotten about them, he was so fixated on Jericho. It's like the man had a spell on him, one he didn't want broken.

He breaks the kiss only long enough to toss his shirt aside, then cups the back of Chris' neck, pulling him close for another kiss as he rolls them so that he's on top. He pulls away, licking his lips with a smug little grin. "Seems you don't mind me being cocky too much, now do ya?"

With that, he puts his mouth to Chris' neck as one of his hands slides under the waistband of Chris' boxers. He finds the other man's cock, palming it slowly. The hell with the rest of the competition, right now, Heath has all the time in the world.

He starts to kiss his way down Chris' body, eagerly enjoying the taste of the man, just as much as he loves provoking those little gasps and moans that Chris tries to hide. Heath knows Chris is just as into this as he is, if the obvious tenting in his pants is any indication. He finally starts to pull the boxers down and off, pressing a kiss to the head of it. The whole time, Heath never takes his eyes off Chris, reveling in his reactions.


And he should watch and memorize them because Chris Jericho was one of the hardest men in the world to please, especially in bed. Heath got Chris hot and Heavy easily, like its nothing and Chris does not see why but he sure as hell enjoys it. He sat back on his elbows for a moment, simply watching Heath with a animalistic look in his eyes.

"You know....You look good all the time but you look best with your mouth on me." That ever so confident smirk claimed his lips. Chris knew he was sexy and he knew he was that annoying prick the Miz would say "Awesome" he made Heath forget about the competition and all he could be losing as he did this.

"I have the right to be cocky boy, don't you forget. I am the Chris Jericho, the best at what I do and you Heath are nothing but some rookie...Not even a good one." He chuckled at him. Even during sex Chris was provocative. It was in his blood, it was part of him so if you wanted to be with him you would have to suck it up or else it wouldnt work and usually, Chris didnt give a fuck what any of his lovers thought about it.

He yawned, keeping the smile from his face. "Your getting boring Slater. I might have to trade you up for someone better....Maybe Gabriel?" Chris was ready for a blowjob and he had his ways of getting exactly what he wanted.


Heath's eyes narrow and in a flash, he's up in Jericho's face again, their lips inches apart. His eyes are narrowed with fury and something a little more. He's never had anyone push his buttons like this and he just wants more. He cups Chris' face in his hands, his nails digging into the blonde's skin. "Gabriel? That pretty boy can't do half the shit to you that makes you scream and you know it. And as for the other rookies, you just ask Wade what he thinks of me. 'cause I made that big bastard scream too."

It had been months back, in FCW, before NXT ever started, but it had happened.

He bites Chris' bottom lip hard enough to draw blood, then goes back down, wrapping his lips around Chris' cock, sinking down on it all the way to the root. He was going to make sure Chris Jericho never forgot his name. He was going to make sure that anyone else that Jericho slept with would be compared to him. And Heath was going to make sure none of them would ever measure up.

Heath uses every trick in his arsenal against Jericho, remembers every spot that made him scream and uses it to his advantage. If Jericho wanted a blowjob, he was going to get the best goddamn blowjob of his life and he would NEVER forget who gave it to him.


Chris was absolutely loving this. It was just the reaction he had been looking for, like it has already been said, Chris Jericho gets what he wants. All that little cup to the cheek and bit to the lip did was further turn him on and further harden his already erect member.

"Awww....Ummmm Whats your name? David was it? Anyways David, like a give a damn what you and Wade did. I could have him if I wanted, and I could pick my role. Some weakling like you can't dominate shit. And im sure Gabriel gives better head then this. God why did I even invite you here?"

Yes Chris was a provocative person but Heath was the first one to make it hard on him. Why was it hard? Because Heath was doing sinful things with that big ass mouth that drove Chris so far up the wall he didn't know if he could keep talking. He just finished his sentence and shut up, his hips slowly rolling up into Heath's mouth.


Heath growls low in his throat, knowing the vibrations will rumble around Jericho's cock. Heath has always loved a challenge, always tried to overcome obstacles - and Jericho's big mouth is one of the biggest damn obstacles he's ever faced.

And Chris can talk all he wants, but Heath knows he's enjoying this. Even though they've known each other a short time, Slater can read his body like a book. He knows how close he is to losing control.

The whole time he licks and sucks, rubs and tastes, he never takes his eyes off Chris. Heath lifts his head, slowly prowling up the length of Chris' body, stopping only to drop a kiss here or there. He doesn't say a word, he never breaks eye contact as he reaches into the nightstand and pulls out the lube.

He slowly makes his way back down, then draws the flat of his tongue up the entire length of Chris' cock, before swallowing it back down. He slicks up two fingers, sliding them into Chris, not giving him a moment to adjust before he's bobbing fiercely, his fingers lightly tapping against his spot. He's not sure which one of them will end up topping this time, but he's doing to make damn sure Chris screams his name.


Chris, even though in so much pleasure, was not giving in so easy, Chris Jericho just didn't do that. It had been a while since he had been topped but he did love it, right now he was loving the feeling on Heath's fingers stabbing his prostate, not to mention Heath was still sucking him off.

One thing Chris reveled in was a good blowjob. Those were heard to come by now days and Heath was one of, if not the best he had ever had. Not like Chris was ever going to admit that but in his mind he would say it. "Fuck Bryan!! Your damn good at this aren't you."

He refused to let Slater's name roll off his lips. He would not have that happen no matter how hard it was for him to think up the names of the other rookies in his horny, overly pleasured state. He hips seemed to have a mind of there own, bucking up into the young gingers mouth.

Not only was he trying to buck his hips but at the same time he back was arching while he tried to force the thick fingers deeper inside of him.


Hearing the wrong name on Chris' lips only makes Heath redouble his efforts. He shifts on to his knees so he can get a better angle. His fingers continue jabbing into him, never staying with one pace for very long, keeping Chris guessing. Heath adds another finger, shuddering.

The other hand continues to explore Chris' body, scratching the sensitive spot behind his knee, or massaging his balls, anything he can think of to bring the other man pleasure.

Finally, Heath can't take it anymore. He continues to bob hard on Chris' cock, but he removes his hand from the blond, starting to work the lube on to his cock, moaning at his own touch.

He smirks wickedly, then pulls away from Chris entirely. Heath scoots away, so he's sitting next to Jericho, his back against the headboard. He behaves as if he's alone, his slick hand moving up and down on his cock. He likes being watched. He likes Jericho watching him.

Heath deliberately makes as much noise as possible, moaning and gasping, his hand sliding slickly against his cock.

He doesn't give Chris the chance to complain before maneuvering himself into position, starting to push into him slowly. "Ah fuck," he hisses, his head falling forward. "Fuckin' tight."


Chris hissed right along with him, grinding his teeth together. Yes he was tight, he hadn't been topped in God only knows how long and Heath was rather big. None the less that stinging pain was a very welcomed thing with Chris.

Heaths moans and groans from seconds ago echoed in Chris's ears, making his cock twitch. Just Heaths noises were enough to sell and have people buying more of that then porn. It was amazing to Chris really.

"You are fucking bigger than I originally thought Otunga." Yes, even though he was in the middle of so much pleasure Chris still found the time to fuck with his new lover now that he knew how much it pissed Heath off.

The lube Heath had used helped a whole lot, making it much easier for the thick member to slide past the tight ring of muscle in Chris, easing him deeper and deeper into the older man at a slow sinking rate.

Sex with Heath Slater was amazing, Chris wouldn't tale anything away from Heath but too bad for him sex was all Chris wanted from him. Without the sex he was just some other annoying rookie he toyed with until Wade won.

Chris would have sex with Heath and lead him on with his promises of this and that, whatever he can say to get Heath to do what he wants ans then just like that, he can have Heath caught and disqualified like it was nothing. Anything to help Wade win. Chris had grown to be friend with his rookie. Chris was a good enough man in general. To friends and family, a lover if he actually loved them but that was rare if nonexistent.

Ha! A lover Chris Jericho had actually loved. Heath was no different.

Heath lets out a shaky chuckle at that one. "Oh please," he pauses a moment, his breath hitching. "Otunga woulda botched the shit outta this entry by now." He chuckles softly, resting his forehead on Chris's shoulder. His pace is slow and deliberate, slide out, then ease in that much deeper.

Heath is an excitable, easygoing type of guy; he's never claimed to be some kind of super genius or anything, but he knows what this is. He knows what he's risking to be in this room, doing what he's doing. And he knows Chris is using him. And if Chris were just another fuck, Heath would have hit it and quit it the other night and that would have been it.

Except it wasn't just another fuck, it was the most amazing sex of his life and Jericho wouldn't have been needling him so damn hard if he didn't feel something like that too. Heath has no illusions about a life together or a white picket fence with a house and a dog. That wasn't what this was about.

A soft groan slips past his lips as he finally pushes all the way in. He bites down hard on his lower lip, figuring he might as well give it back to him at least once before he completely loses his mind. "Ah, fuck, Regal." Except he's not as good at the whole manipulation thing as Chris is, so he can't help but chuckle softly a few seconds later.

Heath closes his eyes and, completely unaware of it, he leans in closer, pressing a tender kiss to Chris' cheek before he starts thrusting.Chris was taking deep breaths, simply feeling the man move in and out of him slowly. He loved rough sex, one of his favorites but this was new and it felt just as good as his usually rough meaningless sex. Even though this was meaningless too. Chris never did keep anything, not even a lover who meant anything to him around.

The thing about Chris was, that he was greatness and he knew that. The fact that he knew made him all the more dangerous to new young stars. Who could ever resist Chris Jericho?
Not Wade Barrett.
Not Christan.
Not Edge.
Not The Big Show.
Not Evan Bourne.
Not Shawn Michaels.
Not Batista.
Not John Cena.
Not Heath Slater.
Yes, Chris knew exactly what he was, and exactly what others thought he was and they were all so right. Chris Jericho was a sex God.

Chris made a point to make sure Heath knew that all he wanted was sex. Why? Because he knew Heath wouldn't turn him down even if all this seemed to be was a....friendship with "benefits" if you would. Chris had NEVER wanted to settle down with anyone. He didn't have to. He had a wife and three kids. He was a good daddy and his wife didn't give a fuck what he was doing as long as she was living the good life and even having affairs over her own.

Chris licked his lip slowly, loving the taste of iron....blood. It turned him on in a way, knowing what a food fuck this would be. He was all in the mood but that little Regal out burst made him laugh, shaking his head. "Pathetic." They both knew that would do little to nothing to Chris or his over sized ego.

Chris's laughing died down, his eyes narrowed in a irritated glare as he wiped his cheek. He made it apparent the sweet kiss disgusted him. He leaned in and kissed Heath hard, their teeth smacking together with the force of the kiss. "That's how you kiss me..." The warning was clear, this sex would end if it happened again.


Heath blinks at the comment; he honestly doesn't even remember the other kiss, but he has no problem with giving Chris exactly what he wants. Probably because Heath wants it too. He returns the hard kiss with gusto, but the tempo of his hips remains slow and even.

For the most part, Heath didn't do much waiting around. He had a lot of life to live and he was going to live it to its fullest. But with this.. with Chis right now... Heath wants to take his time. He likes to tease, but he never leaves his partner with blue balls.

After a few minutes, punctuated with countless more rough, teeth gnashing, lip biting kisses, Heath abruptly shifts his hips, starting to piston in and out of Jericho as hard as he can, the headboard slamming hard against the wall with every thrust.


Chris threw his head back, giving a loud groan as his head banged the head board but Chris actually enjoyed that, he liked a little pain with his pleasure. His hips wrapped around Heath's waist, he wanted more, he wanted it harder and faster. He wanted Heath.

Chris just didnt like slow sex, it was always too intimate for him. But with Heath it was not that bad along with the rough kisses that only matched up with hard, mind blowing, ruthless fucking that would leave you begging for more.

"Damnit Wade! Harder!!!" Chris demanded, even in this state he had the sense to fuck with Slater. It was how Chris was and most people hated it but some rare people enjoyed how much he fucked with them even though he put little to no effort into it.


"Ain't got enough product in my hair to pass for Barrett, Skippy." Heath grunts, almost rising up this knees with the force of his thrusts. He throws everything he has into the movements.

He crushes their mouths together, cutting off Jericho's next words as he wraps his fingers around Chris' cock, stroking him hard and fast, not too rough, but not gentle either. His hair falls across his face, the ends matting against Jericho's sweat slicked skin, forming a thick red curtain that seems to hide them from the world. So far as Heath's concerned, it's only the two of them, right at this moment. To hell with the rules, to hell with the noise complaints, to hell with it all.

He shifts his hips again, trying to find his spot. Damnit, he dosn't care if it's the wrong name, Heath wants to hear Chris Jericho scream.


Chris hissed, his eyes snapping open as Heath struck that one spot inside him, it had been so long since anyone even touch the little bundle of nerves inside of him. Chris let out a small yelp but he dared not scream, he refused to scream for this man unless Heath really earned it, for hearing Chris Jericho cry out in the heat of passion was a prize all in itself. It seldom happened...

"Oh Daren, Oh Daren, Oh Daren, Oh Daren." Chris should win an award for most likely to choke while picking at people, he was fucking relentless.

Chris moved his hips up to meet Heath on every thrust, a loud smacking sound joining in with their heated moans and mews, it was all a symphony of pornographic sounds coming together ti make the perfect harmony.


Heath growls softly, leaning in and biting Jericho's lower lip hard, just hard enough to let him know his patience with the little jokes is wearing thin. But he doesn't stop; he wouldn't dream of stopping. If anything, Heath moves harder, gripping the headboard with one hand so he can get better leverage. His muscles are burning, his nerve endings on fire with pleasure/pain. Heath aims to hit that spot with every thrust.

He tangles his other hand in Chris' hair, jerking his head back, crushing their mouths together in a brutal kiss. He nips the tip of Chris' tongue, letting him know in no uncertain terms, just who is in charge of his kiss. Jericho might have turned him into a gibbering wreck that first night, but Heath is determined to return the favor.


But Chris was never the one who was left wordless, it just didnt work that way. The kiss would have left anyone else in a pile of mush but Chris Jericho was an exception all himself. He never let anyone see him being mushy or anything, hell, no one had ever seen him cry, he was strange.

Chris loved the kisses, those rough ones were his favorite so he was sure to let Heath know he was not in so much pleasure he couldn't still hold him own, his tongue explored Heath's mouth, pausing only when the man nipped at it. That little bite to his bottom lip did nothing, he got off on that.

Chris was getting close, he could feel that oh so familiar coil in the pit of his stomach but he wanted to drag this out as long as he possibly could. Every time Heath stuck that sweet bundle of fuck inside him pleasure like white hot electricity rushed through his entire body.


Heath breaks the kiss just long enough to throw his head back, flicking his hair out of his eyes. He soon pounces on Jericho's mouth again, devouring the blonde's lips. He reaches down between their bodies, grabbing Jericho's cock and starting to stroke him in time with his thrusts, though his grip is far more gentle.

He finally breaks the kiss, turning to target Jericho's throat. He bites down hard on the skin, unaware of the soft whimper that catches in his throat as he starts to really struggle to retain control.


Chris moaned loudly, a smirk on his face at the whimper. Chris was way to experienced to be coming first, it was just a thing he had. He would not come first no matter what position or how amazing the sex was.

Chris cleared his throat, moving back and away from Heath's mouth to lick the outer shell of his ear. "Come for me....Heath." Chris knew how to get at people, how to get what he wanted OUT of people.

He didn't see himself holding off much longer either really, that hand on his cock was taking him over the edge quickly.


Heath shudders; damn but he could get used to hearing Jericho say his name. His hand moves faster on Chris and it's not much longer before Heath pitches over the edge, burying his face against Jericho's neck, groaning the blonde's name against his skin.

He has no idea what it is about Jericho that makes the sex so damn mind blowing: whether it's the man himself, their strong egos clashing or if it's just some chemical thing between them.... Heath doesn't know, and really he doesn't care. All he wants his more.

Though his brain has just barely begun to reboot itself, Heath's hand has never stopped moving. He pants and shudders, but his hand never slackens its pace. "Your turn, Darlin'," he pants, his accent noticeably thicker in the afterglow of his release.


Chris grunted, his seed spurting out to coat his toned stomach while he tried to catch his breath, acting like he wasn't out of it in the first place, like Heath had no effect on him, like this had not just been some of the most amazing sex he had ever experienced.

"You sound like A hick." Chris noted the other boy. He had no idea what made sex between him and Heath Slater so electrifying. Maybe it was because out of all the people Heath gave back what he got, Maybe because like Chris, he thought he was the most amazing thing since sliced bread. Maybe it was just something special between the two of them, either way he had never came so hard.

Chris sat for a moment, making sure he was put together before pushing Heath away from him, wincing as the other man's member came out of him with a wet "ploop". The older man stood and limped to the bath room, mumbling about having a shower.


"I'm from West Virginia, of course I sound like a hick. Dumbass."


A few days later, Heath means simply to sneak into Chris and Wade's room, drop the matchbox for the club that he's going to be hitting, and leave. He doesn't intend on getting caught by Chris. So Heath does what he always does when he's caught with his hand in the cookie jar; he goes for broke.

He locks the door and shoves Chris up against the wall, crushing their mouths together. Heath is relentless, never giving Jericho a chance to catch his breath. His hands are just as intense, roaming over his body, slipping into his trunks, stroking him hard.

When Chris is hard and slick in his hands, Heath pulls away, winks and drops to his knees, taking Chris into his mouth, swallowing him down whole, bobbing hard on the blonde's cock.


Chris's eyes were wide as he looked down at the man on his knees, a wanton moan tearing from his throat. "Fuck you red headed idiot! Did I tell you to come to my locker r-" Another loud throaty moan cut him off, he wanted to be an ass but it was so hard with the man sucking him off.

Chris knew this was risky, someone could walk in at any minute for him, his lover Mike Mizanin for one, it was apparent Mike loved him but all the Miz was to him was a nice fuck and at the moment, he could only have Mike if they were in a relationship and he would like to keep Mike around so this was pushing it for him.


Heath has always had a little bit of an exhibitionist streak in him: He was always the first one skinny dipping, he loved the eyes of the crowd on him at all times. When you're the life of the party, being stared at comes naturally.

But this... this is a whole 'nother animal. Anyone could walk in on them at any moment. The show could be over for him. He could be kicked off NXT, disgraced and humiliated... and he's never been more turned on in his life. The thrill of danger, knowing they could get caught, it was intoxicating.

He bobs harder and faster, determined to get him off better than he ever has in his life. Heath Slater is no one's second best.


But Heath Slater had never crossed paths with anyone quite like Chris Jericho before apparently. Chris was someone who did not need to be the center of attention but at times he did enjoy it, this was not the same for him as for Heath. He was not risking his job, if anything he was helping Wade if they got caught together.

"Damnit Heath!" Chris's fingers ran through the silky red locks, tangling themselves their so that maybe he could get control and guide Heath's mouth on him.

Chris would admit that Heath was probably the best fuck he had ever had but he still felt the need to fuck with the man, keep him coming back, give him a challenge to over come so that maybe he could continue to get that amazing sex he craved.Barely faltering in his pace, Heath reaches up, digging his nails into the thin, delicate skin of Jericho's wrists. Though he doesn't say a word, the message is loud and clear: "My mouth, my pace, my rules."

He doesn't go so far as to pull Jericho's hands out of his hair. Truth be told, he likes the pain of it. Either people were too light and he felt like someone's cat being petted or they were too rough and trying to use his hair like some kind of joystick. Chris... Chris seemed to know exactly how hard to pull to maximize the pleasure.

He knows some people hate giving head, find it demeaning or gross. Heath's the opposite; he rather enjoys the act, both giving and receiving. Right now, he's in total control of Chris' pleasure. Heath could just up and leave at this moment and leave Jericho unfulfilled and wanting more. There's power to be had in that. It's definitely a thought to file away for next time.

But tonight, he wants something out of Chris and what better incentive than to give him a little taste of what's to come? He moves even harder, reaching up, massaging Chris' balls, eager to get him off as soon as possible. The redhead isn't so lost in the moment that he's lost track of time and place. Every second they're doing this, they could get caught.


Chris gave a low growl, rolling his shoulder as his lust clouded eyes narrowed on Heath. Hell No, he was Chris Jericho, he was ALWAYS in control and nothing would change that, especially not a crude sounding ginger.

The man let Heath adjust his hands, not really giving a damn about that. As long as he had Heath's mouth the man could do whatever the hell he wanted with his hands. Chris though, would not be responsible for his hard he thrusted his hips into the warm cavern that was Heath's mouth. It was either let him have the hair, or let him fuck your mouth until he was good and damn ready to stop.

A growl left Chris's throat, his gaze was trained down on the erotic site of Heath's mouth on him, sucking and bobbing, it was a site sexy enough to make some people ejaculate where they stood, Chris was not one of these people although he did enjoy it. Chris himself hated the act of giving head himself, even when he bottomed he did NOT give head and whoever he was with would deal with that or they could use their hand because nothing would change Chris....Well except maybe Heath.

"Damnit Heath!" Chris snarled, he was close to getting off, oh so painfully close he could hardly stand it. It made his eyes water, the pleasure was so intense and so fucking amazing. It didn't take much longer before Chris was cumming, still refusing to say Heath's name, he spurt his milky white seed deep inside Heath's warm mouth.


Heath finally breaks eye contact, his lashes fluttering as he swallows everything Chris has to offer. He pulls off slowly, his lips barely off Chris' length before they're curving into a smirk. Helpfully, he tugs Chris' tights back up, getting him ring ready. The redhead can't deny that he's already hard as hell, but he has no illusions about Chris returning the Cavour, Jericho most definitely wasn't the type.

He leans in, whispering hotly in the blonde's ear. "Eleven thirty." He whispers, slipping the matchbox for the club into Chris' still trembling hand. "I will be."

Arrogant smirk still in place, hair still madly tousled from Jericho's grip, Heath gives the older man a condescending pat on the cheek before sauntering out the door.

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Chris wore a certain look on his face, one of disbelief and surprise as he watched Heath with a narrow gaze while the man pulled his tights back up. The Canadian cursed soundly in his head about how now, since The one man rock band had gotten him aroused and wound up, his body was sticky with sweat, his hormones raging, and he smelled of sex.
He had a match with Evan Bourne.
God only knows what that little twat would think.

Jericho listened intently as Heath whispered to him, slipping something into his hand, smiling like HE was the one in control. No, he could think that all he wanted too and maybe Chris would let him hang onto the illusion for now but everyone knew, Chris Jericho was ALWAYS in control. This little stunt Heath had pulled changed nothing.

Once Heath was gone, and the blond had been able to tear his eyes away from Heath's swaying ass, Chris let a smirk raise the corners of his mouth. "Ill be there." He muttered softly to no one, looking down at his tights and then up at a mirror that sat off to the side. The man thread fingers through his hair, inhaling deeply, his eyes closed for merely a moment before he snapped them open, snorting, and turning to get ready for his match. Knowing that there was no one in the room to look, he let his pump ass shake in his skin tight spankies.

Yes, even when no one was around, Chris Jericho HAD to be looking good.

Chris arrived at the club whos address had been on the matchbox Heath slipped him around eleven exactly. The man could simply not stand being tardy, he was always proper it seemed. Stepping into the club Chris let his eyes scan around for long red hair and pale skin. He was not used to these clubs, there for he didn't really have any clothes for the occasion. The man wore a simple skin tight Led Zeppelin T-shirt which was brand new, bought just yesterday. The shirt complemented him well, outlining his his broad shoulders and strong pecks, leading down to his abdomen. No Chris was not quite as fit as John Morrison or Randy Orton but the certain way the shirt wore on him made him look it. The jeans he adorned were stylish, a faded blue in color, they clung to every curve of Chris's ass, not to mention the nicely sized bulge at the front. The garment hugged his thigh's just right, giving his legs a sexy strong look. The silver chain hang around his neck drew attention to his cobalt blue eyes and his perfectly spiked blond hair.

Chris Jericho was indeed a site for sore eyes in such a simple get up, already most eyes in the club had focused on him, if nothing more than to check out the new comer.

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Heath has heard a lot about this club. It was mostly for famous people, tough to get into, super exclusive. Most of the NXT rookies had gotten in without a fuss. And the really nice thing was that all through the building there was a signal that dampened phone service. No pictures, no nothing could go on in here. Doing a quick check of his phone confirmed that it didn't have power. That was certainly handy. He does a last check of his hair in the bathroom mirror and when his watch beeps he knows it's showtime.

He steps out on to the dance floor like he owns it. Maybe it's his personality, maybe it's his hair, but people always give him his space. Heath glances around the club, then spots Jericho. Of course it's not hard to see him. The man had such a strong presence to him, it was like he took up all the air in the room, leaving all the other poor saps to stand in awe of him.

Well, tonight it's Jericho's turn to be awed. Heath stands stock still on the dance floor, waiting till those striking blue eyes lock on to his.

As if by magic, the generic club music dies down and soon another song picks up and he can't help but give a little laugh as Crazy Bitch begins to play.

Heath dances for all he's worth and he's good at it. He makes sure those eyes, all the eyes are on him as he dances and grinds to the beat, giving Daniel a little shimmy, dancing for a step with anyone who he deems worthy. But the entire time, he's only got eyes for Jericho.

When the music ends, Heath is flushed and has a light sheen of sweat on his skin. He heads up the small staircase and drops into the booth across from Chris, grinning smugly. "You came."

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