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Post  Reena on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:08 am

-Brief description (fic writer? Artist? Video maker?): Procrastinator.

-Some wrestlers you enjoy playing: Triple H, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff

-Some divas/knockouts/women's wrestlers: Ariel (vampire chick, Kevin Thorn's valet)

-Het, slash, femslash? Which do you enjoy? Which do you not enjoy?: Never ventured into femslash but willing to try. I'm good with Het and Slash

-Favorite topics (humor, angst, drama, au): open to everything. Will not do mpreg, even in au.

-Smut?: Sure.

-Some of your favorite pairings: HHH/JJ, HHH/Taker, HHH/SM, Taker/SM, Taker/Kane, Thorn/a lot of people, Austin/Bischoff

-Some pairings you're interested in: Mick Foley/JJ, anything Kevin Nash, anything Josh Matthews


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